How to relax after DIY Farm Restoration Day

How to relax after DIY Farm Restoration Day

I want you to know that trying to restore Bloomfield is not ALL hard work.  We do have fun too.  So here’s a Pre-game video of our first Bloomfield Bar-B-Q where we invited our brand new neighbors to come dine with us alfresco.  So, us city slickers thought we’d get everyone together for a great feast.... So we bought what any other Dallas-ite would buy... pre-pattied burgers, chips & salsa, a bag of salad & some box cookies and then we picked up a Weber grill at Walmart.  We were ready to WOW our new neighbors with our TEXAS bar-b-q’n ways.  

Well... we learned a thing or two and would now like to share just a little advice: 

1. Never invite a CATTLE FARMER over for store bought burgers 🤦‍♀️ (hind sight=DUH!) They brought over THE BEST ‘home grown’ beef sausage/kilbassa. Needless to say, no one had a burger. 

2. Never invite a woman over that lives on a farm and try to feed her BAG SALAD. Chuck’s wife, Linda, brought over garden grown tomato caprese salad with the most delishous, red tomatoes... and FRESH mozzarella!!!

3. And do not try to feed a family of 6 store bought box cookies. Lorri Mantz Vanderlinden in turn brought a delishous baked pie.  🥧 

SO.... lesson learned and it was probably voted in to the neighborhood counsel... from now on, Rod and I just provide the drinks!! HAHAHA. But we had a GREAT evening and I think we were forgiven for our naive faux pas.  Now enjoy the pre-game video of our day’s recap.

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