About Kim & Rod

Hello! Welcome on our Bloomfield Journey. What an adventure this has been for 2 average people that chose to go off the grid during COVID and renovate a 1700's house in ruins. I (Kim) grew up in Virginia. Moved to NYC for college then to Dallas TX for a career. In Texas, I found great friends, gave birth to my amazing daughter and realized what I wanted & didn't want out of my life. It became clear over the years that I wanted to be home in Virginia where my ancestors had lived since the 1600's. To be on my own land, away from city noise, be with my animals and husband. And this great desire drove me to find and step into the absolute greatest challenge of my life: Restoring Bloomfield. Rod grew up in NJ. Moved to California in Middle School and then moved all over in the service after High School. He now sells Microscopy Systems and if someone had told him 10 years ago I'd be dragging him to a farm in Virginia, he would have laughed. Well, honestly, he's still laughing today (thank goodness) but we are both blown away at what we've accomplished with this beautiful old house. We have dragged her back from the grave and have her well on her way to being the grand dam she once was. There are days we get so tired and think we just can't do this anymore. I think anyone on an old house journey feels this way. But we just have to step outside. Put our feet on this ancient ground. Feel the gentle breeze on your face. Take a deep breath. And realize that every inch forward is another inch away from Bloomfield being in absolute ruin. Which she would have been by now had we not stepped. So there it is in a nutshell. Who we are. Why we are here. And why we stay. Welcome to our journey. We are so happy to have you along for the ride. Bloomfield is gem and truly needs to shared. We are mere custodians of her during this portion of her life.❤️